ventriloquist dummiesIf you got yourself interested in ventriloquist dummies, choosing the right one for you can often present a struggle. Having too much choice over something can cause headaches to all of us, and there’s a lot of it in the ventriloquist business.

You have to choose ventriloquist dummies for sale depending on your skill level. You need to know what kind of controls does a dummy have and how all of those controls behave.

The decision depends from your taste and style to. It’s hard to pinpoint and select “the best” ventriloquist dummy for everyone. What someone considers a perfect dummy, someone else may find it awful. That’s why I composed a list of Top 10 Best in 2017. You will have more than enough information to make a decision for yourself afterwards.

Best Ventriloquist Dummies 2018

If you are in the hunt for a perfect gift for someone special who you want to impress, then look no further. When you give a present to your friend or your family, you want it to be one of a kind and memorable. There are collectors item  for sale which can be the item you are looking for.

Product NameWeight (Pounds)Length (Inches)Free Ebook/DVD 
Slappy the Dummy330Yes Check Price
Charlie McCarthy 330Yes Check Price
Danny O'Day2.330Yes Check Price
Jeff Dunham's Achmed3.830Yes Check Price
Howdy Doody530Yes Check Price
Little Jeff Dunham630Yes Check Price
Mortimer Snerd2.830Yes Check Price
Jeff Dunham Walter118No Check Price
Eddie Peach Boy125No Check Price
Melissa & Doug115No Check Price

Ventriloquism is a stagecraft which has been performed years and years ago up until today using a ventriloquist dummy or doll. The ventriloquist has a special ability born out of extensive practice, to throw his or her voice, making it look like a doll is actually talking. People are reviving interest in the art and with many reality talent shows on tv, ventriloquy can make a comeback eventually.

1. Slappy the Dummy Ventriloquist Doll – Famous Slappy from Goosebumps

slappy the dummyThe first ventriloquist dummy I want to recommend is Slappy the dummy based on the famous Slappy from Goosebumps. Kids and preteens love this little charismatic guy whose doll is one of them most famous celebrity ventriloquist dummies.

This 30“tall dummy rocks its characteristic prim-and-grim outfit with dark gray suit, white shirt, brown shoes and a red bow-tie. The piercing green eyes that glow in the dark go well with his nickname Ol’ Crazy Eyes.

Slappy the dummy is extremely easy to use. You just hold the head with one hand and with the other hand, you pull the strings that make Slappy the dummy come to life. The mouth is operated with a string that is attached to the back of his head. Since it comes with a storage tote bag, you can take him anywhere with you and you also get a “How to be a Ventriloquist” eBook to master your skills.

There are a few things that could be a bit better about Slappy the dummy. Shoes and pants are falling off easily, so it can be a struggle to hold it properly. Another minor flaw is that mouth don’t open as smoothly as they should.

Glowing eyes
Affordable price
Easy to operate
Shoes and pants falling off


2. Charlie McCarthy doll – Timeless Ventriloquist Dummy

Charlie McCarthy dollCharlie McCarthy doll was created in the 50’s as a well-known radio personality by Edgar Bergen. This ventriloquist dummies are great for kids as well as well as for adults feeling nostalgic about it.

Charlie McCarthy doll follows booth that sophisticated look and boyish spirit that Edgar wanted Charlie to embody. This 30” long ventriloquist doll comes ready to use. It’s extremely easy to operate it by holding its head with one hand and pulling the mouth string with the other.

This Charlie McCarthy doll comes with a dark black tuxedo, sporting the recognizable top hat and a monocle. Although its clothes look great, there are some problems with it.

The hat and the shoes may fall of too easily. Also it can be slightly tiring to iron the suit that wrinkles too easily.

Easy to use
Legs are too small


3. Danny O'Day doll – Beginner Ventriloquist Dummy

Danny O'Day DummyThis authentically looking Danny O’Day doll is one of the best ventriloquist dummies for amateurs and beginners. First appearing in the 40’s and later being the voice of Nestlé Chocolate commercial, it’s as popular now as it was then, bringing smiles to faces of people of all ages.

Danny O’Day doll is a simple and easy to use pull string-operated doll. One of the of the most famous nostalgic ventriloquist dummies for sale, Danny O’Day doll shines in a black and white checkered jacket, with black shoes, a white shirt and a red bow tie.

It comes ready to use and you also get a step-by-step guide “How to Be a Ventriloquist”.

It’s not really among best quality since clothes can be poorly sewn and the shoes fall off too often. But considering the price range, it’s a good investment overall.

Authentically looking
Bargain price
Limited movement


4. Jeff Dunham's Achmed – The Dead Terrorist

achmed puppetJeff Dunham Achmed – The Dead Terrorist doll is almost identical to the famous terrifying terrorist we all know. With hundreds of millions of YouTube views, Jeff Dunham’s Achmed is probably one of the most recognizable professional ventriloquist dummies in the world.

This 30” dead terrorist is easy to use, but also offers a greater range of motion. His mouth is controlled by a handy toggle switch and you can easily imitate his infamous phrase “I keel you”. The head is also designed for both up-down and left-right motions. The head is made out of plastic and the body out of cloth with skeleton print on it.

I was disappointed that the eyes don’t move, since they play an important role in the character. The material is also not that quality made, but for this price it’s as close to the original as it gets.

Similar to the original
Fully articulate mouth
Looks good
Legs and body not authentic


5. Howdy Doody Doll

howdy doody ventriloquist It’s Howdy Doody doll time! Here’s another timeless classic in the world of ventriloquist dummies. It was brought to life in the 1947 as a part of a children's television program. Merchandise with Howdy Doody has been popular for over 60 years now.

This charming cowboy is will cheer up both kids and adults with his friendly smile, wearing plaid shirt, blue bandanna, blue pants and red and white cowboy boots. This 30“ Hoowdy Doody doll comes with the set of instructions on “How To Be a Ventriloquist” and ready to use.

Controlling this dummy is a child’s play, you just need to hold this head with one hand and make him talk with the other. Although this Howdy Doody doll is a lot of fun, its controls are limited and it can’t be used for more serious performances.

It is also one of the ventriloquist dummies whose clothes fall off easily, but after all it is mainly a toy dummy.

Authentically looking
Fun for whole family
Good quality
Only for beginners


6. Little Jeff Dunham – Mini Version Of a Great Ventriloquist

Little JeffMade by one of the most popular ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham, Little Jeff is practically a miniature version of himself. It's interesting that it was created as a puppet for another Jeff Dunham doll, Peanut. Now, Little Jeff is one of the most recognizable professional ventriloquist dummies in the business.

Being 30” tall, Little Jeff is not that little for a dummy. Jeff Dunham's Little Jeff offer a great variety of motions for a real bargain of a price compared to professional ventriloquist dummies for going for $300 to $1000. Toggle mouth button enables you to make Little Jeff talk smoothly and both his head and eyes can be moved side to side.

This doll comes with a DVD with the tips from Jeff Dunham himself and other Jeff Dunham ventriloquist puppets. For some people, the quality of the material can be a concern. Since this dummy is not that sturdy and durable, but also, that's why it costs as little as it does.

Authentically looking
Highly controllable
Easy to use
Slightly pricey


7. Mortimer Snerd dolls – Most Recognizable Doll

mortimer snerd dummyMortimer Snerd doll is probably one of the first professional ventriloquist dummies that come to your mind when someone mentions them. Created by Edgar Bergen, this “redneck” looking doll from the 30's will stay in your memory after the first time you see it.

Mortimer Snerd was given a personality of a “slow” and naive country man who radiates with a goofy charm. Mortimer Snerd doll sports a fancy looking checkered suit with a straw hat. It's ready to use as soon as you get.

Kids will adore his goofy looking face and will have a lot of fun with it. It's operated by holding a head in one hand and moving the mouth with the other, so it's suitable for everyone.

I know they’re a budget ventriloquist dummies for sale, but the mouth is hard to move and maintaining it properly. It's an entry level doll, so the more experienced one can find it to be poor for him or her.

Easy to use
Great price
For both kids and adults
Not suitable for performances
Poor quality material


8. Jeff Dunham Walter – The Grumpiest Ventriloquist Dummy

walterJeff Dunham Walter doll is probably one of the most grumpy professional ventriloquist dummies for sale. This ventriloquist doll is not as good for training as it is for being a funny toy in your house.

It comes with pre-recorded phrases from him like: “Stop pushing the damn button!”, “April Fools Dumbass” etc. The head is excellently and very authentically made and it's well worth the price. Jeff Dunham Walter doll is just 18” tall and it is really sensitive and fragile.

Walter comes with a handy button for up and down motions of the mouth. You will bring him to life in no time.

The problem with this type of dummies are that it's body can be too shabby, and the pre-recorded phrases may be a bit too much for the kids.

Good quality
Entertaining by itself
Great collector’s item
Needs batteries


9. Eddie Peach Boy – Dummy for Kids

Ventriloquist Style PuppetIf you want to surprise your kid for his or her birthday with a ventriloquist dummies for sale, then Eddie the Peach Boy is a great choice. Dolls from Silly Puppets are made with the best quality and are meant to last for a lifetime and are recommended for both beginners and for more experienced users.

Eddi Boy is about 25” tall and weights just around 1 pound. It's made similarly to Muppet dolls, where you operate the mouth with your hand. There's also a neat metal “wand” for hand gestures and movement.

Another great thing with this type of ventriloquist dummies is the fact that the clothes are removable, so they can easily be washed or replaced.

A slight downside is that it's head is a bit bigger than in the picture, but it doesn't bother me. Also it can be a bit tiring to move your fist all the time when you want to make this ventriloquist dummy talk.

Replaceable clothes
Easy to move mouth
Hard to put shoes back on


10. Melissa & Doug – Police Officer Ventriloquist Dummy For Kids

Melissa Police Officer PuppetThis fun looking policeman ventriloquist dummies has striking similarities to the dolls from the Muppet Show. Made by one of the best puppet companies, this police officer will make sure that every kid gets a way to creatively express him or herself and have fun while doing it.

This 15” tall puppet is operated with hand gestures, by moving the mouth and the face. The policeman also holds a removable wooden stick in order to maintain order more easily.

I don't like that this item was made a bit sloppy, which I didn't expect from this company. It's not a big deal, but this one could be even better with a little more effort. However, I can't complain when I consider how affordable it is after all when compared to other ventriloquist dummies for sale.

Very affordable
Expressive face
Additional gesture rod
Not the best quality
Mainly for kids


Where To Buy Ventriloquist Dummies

At first you may think that it is hard to get your hands on ventriloquist dummies, but as you can see, it’s not. You can choose to buy used on ebay, craiglist, and other classified ads sites.

But, I suggest you to buy a brand new dummy in specialized online store, even on amazon (here I have reviewed some of the best dummies available for sale online).

Professional Ventriloquist Dummies

Lester Dummy VentriloquistIf you are planning on getting someone who is into ventriloquism a gift, then you really should get a pro version. For examole Achmed can be bought online via amazon and similar sites.

You can also drive to a specialized shops and have the perfect professional dummies custom made. Of course, anything custom made is often a bit more expensive, but you just need to make sure you get your money’s worth by looking for cheap but professional ventriloquist dummies for sale. One of my favorite puppets is Little Jeff!

Through this option, you save money while being a hit gift give to the person you are going to give it to because you are helping them learn ventriloquism. Buy yourself used one if you want to save money and learn ventriloquism professionally.

Cheap Ventriloquist Dummies For Sale

A great way to learn ventriloquism without having to cash out too much on a doll is to look for cheap ventriloquist dummies for sale. You can get to practice the art and be great at it without having to spend too much.

Of course, used ones dummies are the cheapest, but you can find cheap ventriloquist dummies that are brand new online. In fact, you can buy a new one for a few dollars on amazon. To get cheap and quality dummies please visit our detailed review and find your favorite puppet for lowest price here at cheap.

You want to give a kid a ventriloquist dummy on his or her birthday, or for Christmas or for a job well done. I tell you, it’s a great idea. One thing though, it is not really smart to spend a lot of money on dummies for kids. Do you know why? It’s because they might want to play with the doll one moment and lose interest on it the next minute.

If you want to get a child started on ventriloquy as a hobby, have them start out with a basic sock puppet which is good to start with. Both socket puppets and ventriloquist dummies can be bought on amazon at cheap prices.

If you are planning on getting someone who is into ventriloquism a gift, then your really should get a professional one. Professional ventriloquist dummies for sale like Achmed can be bought online via amazon and similar sites.

Slappy The Dummy

This ventriloquist doll looks like a cartoon version of Dracula. He's a celebrity doll who's charming and funny. Slappy Dummy was also known as Ol' Crazy Eyes, Mr. Bad Boy and The Dummy that is no Dummy. R.L. Stein's Slappy is a great ventriloquist dummy. From the series and movie Goosebumps, which was recently revamped, is a popular character.

Great news is, Slappy the dummy for sale is available on amazon. Slappy the dummy is a collector's item up for grabs and a perfect gift for your friends. You will also get a free gift!  You get an ebook entitled  'How To Be A Ventriloquist'. This eBook alone is worth  discusses in a detailed Step-by-Step Instruction on learning the art of ventriloquism. Now is the time for gift giving and what better gift to give your kids than this doll? Read on for more detailed information about Slappy the Dummy.

Jeff Dunham Ventriloquist Dolls

Jeff Dunham is a popular and successful American ventriloquist. He is also a producer and stand-up comedian who has been on numerous television shows, including Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central Presents, The Tonight Show and Sonny With a Chance.

Jeff Dunham has six specials on Comedy Central namely:

  • Arguing with Myself
  • Spark of Insanity
  • Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special
  • Controlled Chaos
  • Minding the Monsters
  • All Over the Map

The ventriloquist also starred in The Jeff Dunham Show, a series on the network in 2009. He has been credited with reviving ventriloquism and has been called "America's favorite comedian" by Jeff Dunham Dummies for sale are now available for kids and adults alike who are into ventriloquy or are starting the process of learning the art. Get your own ventriloquist dummy or give it away as gift. It will be a surefire hit or both the young and young at heart.