Monster Puppets: The Cutest Monsters You Can Play With

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If you are new to Monster Puppets, you’ve landed on the perfect place to learn more about puppets and its benefits. We will walk you through the article with interesting facts and information.

Learn more about ‘how puppets help children develop communication and social skills’. What puppets you’ll need for imparting a great deal of knowledge with monster puppets.

The use of puppets for entertainment, storytelling, and education – still remain as one of the friendliest, and easy-to-understand form of imparting knowledge.

With these fluffy monsters, you’ll be able to create a fun-loving environment, and kids absolutely love a living character.

Cute and furry puppets do the best job in grabbing the attention of children. They work perfectly in all types of situations and environments – whether it’s in a camp, school, home or party.

Kids usually love puppets, and they can be very entertaining, it all depends on what role you’re playing with the puppet or what connections they have with their puppets.

In this article, we are focused on the best monster puppets available on the market, after tons of research and experiments; we broke it down into the top 10 best ones which will be introduced later in this article.

Before You Start Reading Reviews…

Before we introduce you our top pics, I would like to mention why they are a great toy to start with.

  • Puppets help children boost their imaginations and creativity

Puppets can boost a child’s imaginations and creativity. Most kids love to name their puppets, speak to them, and recreate characters in the stories parents tell them. As kids learn to manipulate and control the movements of the puppets, it opens a wide array of imaginative scenarios and stories.

  • Kids that frequently play with their toy puppets have higher confidence

Some kids can be very shy and have lesser confidence. Playing with puppets, and talking to them can boost their level of confidence in reading and speaking. Most kids who play with puppets tend to become more confident, and it can help them develop faster and improve their language skills.

  • Playing with puppets can improve their motor skills

Kids easily learn the functions of puppets and learning to control the mouth movements and arms can contribute to motor skill development. As the brain coordinates with arms while speaking, it can attribute to multi-tasking of the brain.

  • The emotional development of kids when using puppets

Children develop an emotional attachment with their puppets when they play. Puppets become their friends who they can share their feelings to, and feel comfortable sharing without any discomfort.

  • Participation in group activities

Kids who play with the puppets are more engaging in group activities. They learn to coordinate with other kids as a team. Most kids who play puppets seem to be more active in social interactions and volunteer in any activities proposed by their teachers.

Best monster puppets on the market

Blue puppet for kidsCheck price on Amazon

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1. Silly Puppets Blue Monster
  • HEIGHT: 30 inches
  • MATERIAL: Faux fur
Sesame Street Cookie MonsterCheck price on Amazon

[Read review]

2. Sesame Street Cookie Monster
  • HEIGHT: 11 inches
  • MATERIAL: Soft plush
Green monster puppetCheck price on Amazon

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3. Silly Puppets Green Monster
  • HEIGHT: 14 inches
  • MATERIAL: Faux fur
Melissa and Doug puppetsCheck price on Amazon

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4. Make Your Own Melissa and Doug puppet
  • HEIGHT: Various
  • MATERIAL: Various materials
Dozen Assorted Color Finger PuppetsCheck price on Amazon

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5. Dozen Assorted Color Finger Puppets
  • HEIGHT: 1.5 inch
  • MATERIAL: Plastic
Scorch knitted puppetCheck price on Amazon

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6. Scorch: Knitted Hand Puppet
  • HEIGHT: 15 inches
  • MATERIAL: Various materials
The Puppet Company PuppetsCheck price on Amazon

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7. The Puppet Company Hand Puppet
  • HEIGHT: 15 inches
  • MATERIAL: Various materials
Orange baby monsterCheck price on Amazon

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8. Orange Baby Monster
  • HEIGHT: 13 inches
  • MATERIAL: Mainly plush
Blue Monster Hand PuppetCheck price on Amazon

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9. The Puppet Company Blue Hand Puppet
  • HEIGHT: 22 inches
  • MATERIAL: Various materials
Glow in dark Monster finger puppetsCheck price on Amazon

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10. Glow In Dark Finger Puppets
  • HEIGHT: Various
  • MATERIAL: Plastic

There are tons of monster puppets on the online store, and deciding to choose the best puppets on the market can be frustrating if you are new to puppets.

They look fun and alluring for kids, and they can quickly create an imaginary character in their mind as soon as they are personified.

They are also child-friendly with cartoonish designs, simple controls, and super easy to use.

1. Silly Puppets Blue Monster: Our Favorite Choice

Blue monster puppet

This is our favorite pick among other puppets; Blue monster puppet is a loveable character with big funny eyes and fun storyteller, kids love this puppet the most.

If you’re picking out a puppet for your kids – it balances well in any programs, theatre, talent shows or drama, etc.

Blue monster puppet is a hand puppet with easy controls, hand entry control through the bottom.

It comes with a rod to control the hand’s movement. The puppet stands on our top favorite for its charisma, and charming character, the quality of the puppet is well-made, flawless and comfortable to use.

The product is a top-notch quality tailoring with a great finish. The furry mouth of the puppet can be cut away to get a clear view of the mouth movement.

It is a full-body professional ventriloquist style puppet, and it stands at 30 inches tall. The puppet can be dressed in 2T clothes, and it is pretty big and huggable.

Check price

2. Sesame Street Cookie Monster

Sesame Street Cookie Monster Hand Puppet

Cookie monster hand puppet is the most popular, and the puppet is made by GUND meeting the highest standards of quality.

GUND has teamed up with Sesame Street to bring the famous puppet into your hands.

Bring yourself a street sesame theme puppet home; the puppet gives a huggable experience with a lovely fun character.

The plush puppet is a hand size cookie monster head, featuring a very versatile easy-to-control puppet.

It is suitable for all ages of one and above, made with premium materials for luxury toy playtime experience.

It is a soft cuddly puppet plush and is 11 inches tall and suitable for any aspiring puppeteers.

Check price

3. Silly Puppets Green Monster

Silly puppets green monster

This beautiful Green Monster puppet almost the same as our first choice. However, this puppet is smaller, and it is not recommended for bigger stage shows.

This puppet is 14 inches tall and crafted magnificently for kids, adults cannot use the puppet, but it is usable if the size of hands is smaller than average.

The Green Monster puppet is a budget puppet for perfect home entertainment. It is a very lovable puppet with quality plush, adorable and bright.

It is a family-friendly toy, you’ll absolutely love this puppet, and it is very easy to wash.

Your pinky finger can be inserted for hand movement, though it can be tricky at first, controls can come naturally over time.

Appropriate for ages 3 and above.

Check price

4. Make Your Own Melissa and Doug monster puppet

Melissa and Doug monster puppet

It is a unique puppet with customizable body parts. The puppet is made to bring out the potential of kids imaginations and creativity.

The Make-Your-Own puppet kit encourages the kids to build a puppet of their dreams; there are many possibilities of creating a unique monster puppet with customizable eyes, ears or antennae, etc.

This Melissa and Dough monster puppet is recommended for children ages 3 to 6. Bring home the perfect gift for your kids, and help them discover their passion, dreams, and creativity.

It comes with a carrying making it convenient for storage and mobility.

Check price

5. Dozen Assorted Color Monster Finger Puppets

Dozen Assorted Color Monster Finger Puppets

Monster finger puppets are small cute adorable creatures, which can be equipped in fingers.

These little monster finger puppets come in different colors, shapes, and designs.

It is very suitable for party gifts, and kids love these party favor gifts. It is recommended for kids of age 3 and above due to choking hazard.

They measure 1 to 1.5 inches approx.

Check price

6. Scorch: Knitted Monster Hand Puppet

Knitted monster hand puppet

This is a knitted puppet and measures up to 15 inches on average. The monster hand puppet is a fun and fabulous puppet with a squeaker on its tongue.

It definitely grabs the attention of children; it is a tall and thin monster puppet, and fun to use with a lively attitude to keep the children entertained.

This puppet is suitable for kids from 18 months and above. It has a big mouth full of mischief and friendly faces.

Check price

7. The Puppet Company Hand Puppet

The Puppet Company Hand Puppet

Monster hand puppet with a rainbow color is perfect for kids, with colorful and alluring design; this puppet is surely good friends to children.

You’ll find your kids having fun with this funny little rainbow-puppet.

Check price

8. Baby Monster: Orange monster puppet

Orange monster puppet

Orange Monster puppet is a melon-shaped puppet with a wacky hairdo.

It is a fun and crazy puppet with geeky spectacles and huge funny mouth.

It also features air-filled squeakers for extra fun.

Check price

9. The Puppet Company Blue Monster Hand Puppet

The Puppet Company Blue Monster Hand Puppet

This monster hand puppet stands at an average height of 22 inches. The puppet can be accessed through the bottom.

It is fun to use and has a bright and different vibrant color.

It has squeaker on its mouth, making the Blue monster puppet a perfect choice for fun entertainment.

Check price

10. Glow In Dark Monster Finger Puppets

Glow in the dark monster finger puppets

These little cute monster finger puppets can glow in the dark.

Children love glowing toys, and it is suitable for kids from 3 years and above.

These tiny toys have small parts, and parental advice is recommended when handling the toys.

Check price

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Having issues while handling the puppets? We are here to help you by answering the frequently asked questions.

Any other questions are welcome, submit your issues with the product, we are always ready to help.

Q: Are monster puppets safe for kids?
A: Most puppets are safe for kids of age from 3 and above; however, some puppets have small parts which can cause choking. While making purchases, parents are advised to look for suitable age recommendation to avoid choking hazards.

Q: Where is the best place to find monster puppets for sale?
A: Many stores offer quite a few numbers of puppets, but the availability of puppets can be limited. Online stores like Amazon have diverse choices of puppets from top brand puppets to affordable budget puppets.

Q: Can I make my own monster puppets?
A: Yes, you can make your own puppets. Although the amount of effort you put into crafting a puppet does not make a huge difference in saving. The company crafted puppets are affordable and deliver quality and refined products. Most puppets on sale in online stores are produced by professional puppeteers.

Q: Are they hard to maintain and clean?
Most of them are easy to clean as they are made of premium plush and superior materials. However, some puppets may require more effort in cleaning, like the interior parts for hand controls. Most puppets can be washed in washing machines, or by using dishwashers for plastic products. In cases when puppets are stained with other colors, you may need specific procedures to clean. Common detergents work fine for most plush puppets.


Monster puppets are the most recommendable puppets we could find on the market.

Puppets are the best choice of toys for your kids, as they can learn while being entertained.

Kids have the shortest attention span, and keeping them entertained when educating can be a hard challenge –puppets do the best job.

Let us hear what you think about these puppets; we value your opinions.

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