Dog Puppet: Top 10 K-9 Puppets You’ll Love Immediately

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Dogs are called man’s best companion, and both kids and adults love them entirely. That’s why dog puppet is some of the most popular animal puppets.

In this article, I am going to introduce you to the ten best dog puppets and also provide answers to most commonly asked questions related to these adorable puppets.

Keep reading to learn more and find your favorite one today!

Garth puppetCheck price on Amazon

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1. Garth Hand Puppet
  • SIZE: 10" L x 6" W
  • MADE FOR: Kids & adults
Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Finger PuppetsCheck price on Amazon

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2. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Puppets
  • SIZE: 2.5" H x 2.3" W.
  • MADE FOR: 3+ years
Cate Levi Dog sock puppetCheck price on Amazon

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3. Cate and Levi Sock Puppet
  • SIZE: 12" L x 5" W
  • MADE FOR: Kids & adults
Folkmanis realistic puppetCheck price on Amazon

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4. Folkmanis Realistic Puppet
  • SIZE: 13" L x 5" W x 10" H
  • MADE FOR: Toddlers and children
Aurora World Scruff PuppetCheck price on Amazon

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5. Aurora World Scuff
  • SIZE: 12" x 14"
  • MADE FOR: Kids & adults
Folkmanis Puppy Hand PuppetCheck price on Amazon

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6. Betterline Puppet Set
  • SIZE: 9.5" x 5.5"
  • MADE FOR: Kids & adults
Puppy dog hand puppetCheck price on Amazon

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7. Puppy Hand Puppet
  • SIZE: 16" x 5.5" x 9"
  • MADE FOR: Children & toddlers
Black and white puppetCheck price on Amazon

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8. Black and White Puppet
  • SIZE: 22" x 11" x 6"
  • MADE FOR: Kids & adults
Two Dozen Finger PuppetsCheck price on Amazon

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9. Two Dozen Finger Puppets
  • SIZE: 2" x 1.2"
  • MADE FOR: 3+ Years
Zonxie realistic puppetCheck price on Amazon

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10. Zonxie Rubber Realistic Puppets
  • SIZE: 7.2" x 6"
  • MADE FOR: Children & toddlers

Reasons to Get Them For Your Kids

Both kids and adults find dogs adorable, and having a dog puppet helps foster creative imagination and develops learning abilities in children.

They are perfect to have fun with and playing with these toys enable children to express love to dogs and animals in general, and learn their various names and behaviors.

Dog puppets are educational which allows children to learn faster and gain confidence while having tons of fun playing with the interactive toy.

They are perfect for use in teaching, entertainment, parties, interactive stage, puppet drama, etc.

Getting one will put a big smile on kids’ faces as it enables them to use their imagination while still little and even without them knowing it.

Best Dog Puppet on The Market

I have tested and played with several dog puppets and paid full attention to materials, ease of use, how much fun they are, and how easy they are to clean.

Depending on their performance and popularity, I have listed them accordingly below for you to read on.

1. Aurora World Dog Hand Puppet

Aurora world dog hand puppet

This puppet by the renowned plush toy manufacturer, Aurora World, is undoubtedly the best choice.

With its high-quality plush, it is adorable, easy to use, and can be used by both kids and adults. Besides, it is affordable and remains the highest-selling product on Amazon.

This puppet, also known as Garth, is specially made to bring a smile to your face and fill your days with delight.

It comes with a tan-colored plush with a dark-Brownish nose, pink tongue and big and expressive brown eyes making the puppet look real.

This realistic dog puppet is well-designed with a sturdy plush that retains its natural shape for years, even after continuous performances.

At 10 inches, it is perfectly sized to fit both kids and adults hands and easy to open and close the mouth.

Cleaning this puppet is easy. Gently wash with hands or follow the manufacturer’s washing manual.

Additional details:

  • Recommended for children aged 3 to 15
  • Excellent gift item

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2. Nickelodeon Dog Finger Puppet

Paw Patrol dog finger puppet

This Nickelodeon Paw Patrol puppet is a set of five adorable and colorful dog finger puppet. It is easy to use and specially made to fit children’s fingers.

This finger puppet is soft and sturdy and made of latex-free PVC, which is highly durable and safe to use.

The sturdy rubber material can endure beatings even after regular use and also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The rubber-ish material of the dog puppet is water-proof, allowing children to explore and have more fun with their favorite dog characters.

With these cute and playful finger puppets, the imaginative abilities in children will be at its peak as they have fun and play with it.

Their bath time will be full of fun and educational.

It serves as an excellent value for money, considering you are getting five puppets without spending too much.

Additional details:

  • 5 x 1.2 x 6 inches in size
  • Rich colors and cheerful faces
  • Suitable for children aged five and above

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3. Cate and Levi Dog Sock Puppet

Dog sock puppet

This sock dog puppet by Cate and Levi is a hand puppet made of USA soft fleece and handcrafted in Canada.

Made out of reused plastic water bottles, it is safe for all ages from 0 months and above.

The high-quality material is durable, and the stitches are guaranteed to hold up for years through frequent use, thus making it worth your money.

The sock dog puppet measures 12 inches in length, which fits both children and normal-sized adult’s’ hands.

This interactive puppet is easy to use and control its mouth to animate expressions, thus serving as an excellent toy perfect for storytelling.

Apart from the heaps of fun, this toy also helps in enhancing motor skills, imagination, interaction skills, confidence, and hand-eye coordination.

Children will instantly become endeared to this lovable dog sock puppet.

You can machine-wash on gentle mode and low dry this puppet.

Additional details:

  • Made of genuine USA polar fleece
  • Handcrafted in Toronto, Canada

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4. Folkmanis Realistic Dog Puppet

Folkmanis realistic dog puppet

This adorable Jack Russell Terrier by Folkmanis comes with realistic features like its smooth plush coat, big eyes, nose, and movable mouth.

Easy to use and perfectly sized to slip comfortably on children’s hands, it can also fit small-sized adults’ hand. It is suitable for children between the age group of three to 15 years.

The puppet’s mouth is conveniently movable to animate the behavior of Jack Russel.

It is perfect for use in an interactive stage, puppet shows, and ideal for teaching, storytelling, pretend play, roleplaying, daycare, etc.

Children will have tons of fun playing with this realistic puppet while also developing their learning skills.

This realistic dog puppet is well-made using good quality plush material that can last for years of continuous play.

It is easy to clean by just spraying with water and rinsing with soaps and finally scrubbing off with a wet towel, although machine washing on gentle wash is an alternative.

Additional details:

  • 13 x 5 x 10 inches
  • Elegant design

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5. Aurora World Dog Hand Puppet

This dog hand puppet by Aurora World comes with a unique fluffy design for added durability. With a product dimension of 7 x 7.5 x 5.5 inches, it can fit both the hands of adults and children.

The puppet has enough space to slip your hand easily to open and close its mouth and make various facial emotions.

This soft puppet is designed to be the ultimate playmate for children who will fill their playtime with lots of fun and adventure.

It is a suitable choice for any dog lovers that can charm any children and adults with its big lovable eyes and elegant round nose, providing them with all the entertainment they need.

This dog puppet can be cleaned on the delicate washing cycle and low drying in the washing machine, but hand washing is a preferred option.

Additional details:

  • Recommended for three years and above
  • Fluffy design

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6. Betterline Dog Hand Puppet

Betterline Puppy Dog Hand Puppet

This soft and cuddly toy by Betterline comes with a set of two excellent quality plush material dog hand puppet. The velvety toy is specially designed to fit little kids’ hands better than older children or grown-ups’ hand.

Perfectly sized at 9.5 inches, it can comfortably accommodate small hands and become kids’ best friend. This cuddly puppet has expressive eyes and movable mouth to manipulate several facial expressions.

Kids will have hours of imaginative and creative puppet play, teaching, storytelling, roleplaying with this interactive hand puppet.

With its compact size, this hand puppet is easy to store and can also fit in a travel bag so kids can carry it with them on their trip or any sleepover.

This one is easy to clean, and handwashing recommended as the best alternative. With the manufacturer’s 90- day money-back guarantee, it is worth buying.

Additional details:

  • Makes an excellent gift for children
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

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7. Folkmanis Puppy Dog Hand Puppet

Folmanis puppy hand puppet

This puppy dog hand puppet by Folkmanis is another highly-rated toy that looks spectacular with its realistic details and designs.

It is a remarkable stuffed toy that can comfortably fit kids’ hand; however, it can also accommodate small-sized adults’ hands. Besides, it is an ideal size to cuddle and snuggle up!

It is easy to work on the puppet’s mouth to open and close and move its legs simultaneously to imitate the Basset Hound puppy. This huggable toy is well-made using high-grade plush material that is extra soft and durable.

vThis realistic puppy hand puppet can be used in puppet theatre and an interactive stage, suitable for teaching, daycare, games, parties, storytelling, etc.

The interactive toy is designed to bring endless fun while encouraging them to use their artistic and motor skills.

The plush-made puppet is easy to clean, although hand-washing is recommended when machine-washing is not an option.

Additional details:

  • Suitable for three years and above
  • Award-winning design

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8. Black and White Dog Puppet

Black and white dog puppet

This realistic black and white dog puppet by Folkmanis will make you believe that it’s a real dog. T

his extraordinary puppet can pant, bark, wag its tail, turn its head quizzically, and sniff like an actual Sheepdog.

With its lovely fur coat and cute looks, this black and white puppet will instantly charm children and fill their heart with delight.

The puppet can suit both kids and adults hands. The mouth can be easily controlled to animate the behavior of Sheepdog, providing children with lots of fun while enabling them to enhance their imagination.

The interactive dog is thus suitable for drama and puppet plays and perfect for teaching.

The fur is of high-quality and durably designed to last for an extended period through continuous use. To clean this adorable toy, only ‘surface wash’ preferred as recommended by the manufacturer.

Additional details:

  • 22 x 11 x 6 inches
  • Recommended for three years and above

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9. Fun Express Dog Finger Puppet

Dog finger puppet

This dog finger puppet by Fun Express comes with an assorted set of 25, a dozen of each cute cat and dog finger toys. Made of high-quality vinyl rubber, they are perfectly designed and sized to fit both adults and children’s hands.

Each puppet measures approximately 2 inches and comes with a varied style specially created to bring tons of fun to children. They are well-made and cute enough, which is why they are a favorite of children.

These adorable finger puppets are easy to use and can be played with on or off the finger. They are a lot of fun and ideal for use in party and invitations, as well as perfect for pairing it up with storytelling and inventive play.

Maintaining this puppet is easy and effortless. It is washable and easy to clean. This Fun Express set of 25 dog finger puppet is suitable for children aged three and above.

Additional details:

  • Makes a perfect party favor
  • Perfectly sized for both kids and adults
  • Reasonably priced

Check price

10.  Zonxie Realistic Dog Puppet

Zonxie realistic dog puppet

This realistic dog puppet by Zonxie is yet another puppet, which is a popular choice for many. Made of highly durable and 100% safe PVC material, it has detailed designs and features that are both striking and adorable.

The rubber is non-toxic and soft and flexible enough to move your hand and control its mouth. It can fit adults as well as kids’ hands.

Children will have fun-in-learning experience with this remarkable puppet. Playing with this toy will spark their interest and curiosity to learn about various animal names and their behavior.

This puppet makes a perfect gift for children during birthdays or Christmas.

With this puppet, they can stage puppet exhibits and work on their puppeteering skills, which therefore enhances their hand-eye coordination and motor skills while having tons of fun.

The dog puppet is washable and effortless to maintain.

Additional details:

  • Recommended for three years and above
  • Sized at 7.2 x 6 x 3.9 inches

Check price

Frequently Asked Questions

Given below are some of the answers to the most common questions asked by people about them. Hopefully, the provided answers clarify your doubts.

Q: Which material is the easiest to wash?
A: They can get quite dirty, and it is essential to wash them on an interval basis. Plush puppets are usually the best to clean since you can machine wash them without damaging them.

Q: Do they have any age limitations?
A: Most of the puppets have small parts on them, which makes them unsuitable and unsafe for children below three years. Nevertheless, each puppet comes with a warning that clearly states certain age limitations for using the product, so it is wise to watch out for the recommended age.

Q: Where can I buy them?
A: While you can buy them at local toy shops, you’ll find a better and bigger selection online. Not only you will find a variety of dog puppets, but you can also check out different buyer reviews and find the best deals for yourself. I would recommend Amazon as the best place to buy them.

Q: Can they be used in a bathtub?
A: If it’s made of plastic and rubber is safe to be used in a bathtub. Avoid using plush or fur puppets in the water, because you will most likely ruin them.


So these are the ten best dog puppets available on the market, and hopefully, this article will help find the one that suits the needs of your children as well as yours.

If you have any question or need further information about any of the dog puppet I reviewed here, feel free to leave a comment below and I will answer right away!

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