Dinosaur Puppet: 10 Best Hand and Finger Dino Puppets

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Dinosaur Puppet serves as great toys perfect for role-playing, adventure, and learning for children and adults alike.

They are realistic and cute, and your children will experience bundles of joy playing with it.

This comprehensive review will guide you on the most popular Dinosaur Puppets and what features to look for and where you can get them.

Keep reading to know more. Get your favorite dinosaur puppet and begin your Jurassic adventure today!

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1. Aurora T-Rex Puppet
  • SIZE: 10" x 6"
  • MADE FOR: 3+ years
Supreme Supply Rex PuppetCheck price on Amazon

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2. Tyrannosaurus Rex Puppet
  • SIZE: 6" x 4"
  • MADE FOR: 6+ years
Folkmanis Tyrannosaurus PuppetCheck price on Amazon

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3. Folkmanis Hand Puppet
  • SIZE: 11" x 14" x 15"
  • MADE FOR: 3+ years
Rainbow Yuango Finger PuppetsCheck price on Amazon

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4. Rainbow Yuango Puppets
  • SIZE: Various sizes
  • MADE FOR: 3+ years
Dino puppetsCheck price on Amazon

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5. Kidami Dino puppets
  • SIZE: Various sizes
  • MADE FOR: 6+ years
Lebze puppetCheck price on Amazon

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6. Lebze Puppet
  • SIZE: 6.7" x 8.3"
  • MADE FOR: 6+ years
Zerospace Dino PuppetCheck price on Amazon

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7. Zerospace Dino Hand Puppet
  • SIZE: 9.76" x 7.76"
  • MADE FOR: 3+ years
Folkmanis t-rex puppetCheck price on Amazon

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8. Folkmanis t-rex hand puppet
  • SIZE: 4" x 2.5" x 6"
  • MADE FOR: 2+ years
JoyJon PuppetsCheck price on Amazon

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9. JoyJon Puppets
  • SIZE: 5.9" x 5.9"
  • MADE FOR: 3+ years
Aurora DinosaurCheck price on Amazon

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10. Aurora Puppets
  • SIZE: 10" x 6"
  • MADE FOR: 3+ years

The three primary features you should look for when buying dino puppets

When you go purchasing a dino puppet, it is essential to keep in mind whether it is user-friendly and safe to use and whether the material is effortless to clean.

This way, you can have tons of adventures and entertainment while performing puppet shows with your children.

The three features are:

  • Easy to use

The simple the dino puppet is to use, the more fun you will have. The least you expect is to be frustrated over not fitting comfortably in your hands or your child’s and get disappointed instead of having fun.

  • Safe materials

Some of them come in different materials which may not be entirely safe to use. Since these puppets are used in direct contact with the skin, you should take extra care to ascertain that they are made out of harmless materials.

  • Washable

Like any other toy, dino puppets are inclined to get dirty, so the one you purchase must be easy to clean.

Best dinosaur puppets on the market

Over the years, I have tried and tested different dinosaur puppets, paying utmost attention to details like how beautifully they are designed, which materials they are made of, how fun they are to use and how easy they are to maintain.

Therefore, I have narrowed it down to ten for reviews. Based on their excellence, I have listed them accordingly, and I hope you find one that matches your needs.

1. Aurora T-Rex Puppet

Aurora T-Rex Puppet

This adorable t-rex puppet is the best choice since it is affordable, well designed, which is big enough to fit the large-sized hands of adults and small enough for children. Thus, they are suitable for both adults and children.

You can put on puppet exhibits with your children or with your pets and have tons of fun using this puppet.

This adorable soft toy has a realistic style with eyes, nose, and ears, teeth and is guaranteed to hold up and last for years.

The puppet is well-made, and the plush material is durable and of excellent quality, which does not give out any unusual smell and easy to clean.

The Aurora handmade t-rex puppet also makes an excellent gift for your child or anyone looking for adventure and entertainment.


  • Realistic style
  • Excellent gift item
  • Well-made plush fabric
  • Durable material
  • Fluffy and cuddly
  • Made by a renowned plush manufacturer

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2. Supreme Supply Tyrannosaurus Rex Puppet

Tyrannosaurus Rex Puppet

This puppet looks realistic and comes with a soft rubber material that allows you to make various facial expressions.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex puppet is soft to the touch and small enough to fit on your tiny tot’s hands comfortably to control and can stretch to fit even an adult’s hand as well for a suitable fit.

This dinosaur puppet makes an excellent gift for your little ones. If your child is a great fan of dinosaur and Jurassic creatures, this will make an ideal gift for your little puppet master.

This toy is easy to clean, and you can effortlessly rinse off the dirt using soap and water.

The puppet is well-made, strong and durable, and can withstand wear and tear even after continual use. It also features two ear holes to allow for air release.


  • Soft rubber material
  • Comfortable to use on both adult and children hands
  • Durable and reliable material
  • Supreme Supply industry-exclusive labeling

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3. Folkmanis Dinosaur Hand Puppet

Dinosaur Hand Puppet

This hand puppet fascinates both children and adult as the King of all dinosaurs. It is perfect for use in an interactive scene and puppet shows.

It also serves as an exceptional toy to communicate with small children and used in teaching in schools, day-care, role-play, entertainment, and parties or you can team it up with any book for storytelling.

This soft dinosaur puppet is made of quality materials with realistic designs and details which can fit on any adult or children’s hands easily.

You can effortlessly control the mouth and animate the facial expressions of this puppet.

The model has scales on the outer part, which resembles a real dinosaur providing your child with tons of fun.

The plush material is sturdy and durable and is easy to care and maintain.


  • High-quality material
  • Innovative designs
  • Soft and snugly
  • Scales for a more realistic look
  • Makes an ideal gift for children
  • Perfect for stage and puppet shows, storytelling, education, pretend play, role-playing, pre-school, day-care, parties.
  • Exceptional realistic designs and details
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comfortably fit on hands; adults and children alike.
  • Easy to control with hands
  • Durable and sturdy

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4. Rainbow Yuango Dinosaur Finger Puppets

Rainbow Yuango Dinosaur Finger Puppets

These dinosaur finger puppets measure about 2.8×7 inches and are very light and easily slips into the finger.

It has the perfect size, colors, details, and textures, which is ideal for role play and puppet shows.

This model has powerful, realistic features like sharp teeth, wicked eyes, curled tail, and hard scales.

The colors and textures used in the outer appearance give a realistic effect on the puppets. These are created using soft and elastic vinyl plastic material, which are non-toxic and BPA free.

Highly durable, realistic, lightweight, flexible, rich textures and colors, comfortable on fingers, your child will have lots of adventure and learn about different kinds of dinosaurs and therefore, beneficial.

Slip this finger puppet on his fingers and begin the Jurassic adventure. This model makes an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, graduation, parties, etc.


  • Flexible and safe plastic material
  • Realistic and detailed designs
  • Lightweight and easily fit on children’s fingers
  • Useful for children; Boost sensory development, increases hand-eye coordination, motor skills, variety of textures for perceptible exploration, interactive stage, ignites their imagination, etc.

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5. Kidami Dino puppets

Kidami Dino puppets

These dino puppets are soft and have realistic eyes, teeth, and a matching color that will attract any child.

The toys include the velociraptor dragon, the two crown dragon and the tyrannosaurus which are very light and specially made to fit both an adult or children hands.

Explore with your child the little Jurassic adventure world with these cute puppets.

The puppets make a perfect gift besides serving as the ideal educational toy to amuse as well as develop your child’s imagination.

It is also perfect for puppet shows and scenes as it can inspire creative stories and imaginary scenes.

The materials are soft, perfectly sized to fit, and safe to use.

Created out of safe silicone material, meticulous spray paint, and hand-painted technology with a precise edge, it ensures a comfortable and non-sticky sensation when slipping the toy in your hand.


  • Set of three different puppets that creates a fantasy Jurassic world
  • The wild eyes, sharp teeth, and the hand-painted technology for a realistic effect
  • Safe and soft material for a comfortable wear
  • Perfectly-sized to fit any hands
  • Makes an excellent gift

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6. Lebze Dinosaur Hand Puppet

Lebze dinosaur hand puppet

This dinosaur hand puppet has a realistic appearance in designs and has excellent texture, with sharp teeth and vivid colors.

Every part of the toy is meticulously hand-painted, offering a natural effect. The puppet serves as a perfect toy for children to learn and explore interactive and educational role-play.

Children can benefit and gain knowledge on the names of the dinosaurs, species, and behavior while having lots of excitement playing with this toy.

It encourages children and enables them to use their imagination enthusiastically while exploring the world of Jurassic.

The size of the puppet perfectly fits the hands of children where they can easily control the mouth and change the facial expressions like that of a real dinosaur.

This puppet makes an excellent gift for children who are big fans of dinosaurs. It is soft and made of non-toxic rubber and ensures a comfortable feeling when you slip on their small hands.

It is durable, has no foul smells, and not easily bent. The material is washable and effortless to care.


  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Fun and educational
  • Realistic, fresh designs and textures
  • Excellent gift choice
  • Easy to manipulate facial expressions

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7. Zerospace Dino Hand Puppet

Zerospace Dino Hand Puppet

If your child is a big Jurassic fan, this dino hand puppet is a suitable choice. It makes a beautiful gift on their birthday or during Christmas.

Your child will have lots of fun and adventure with this lifelike puppet and learn through interactive and imaginative storytelling.

This toy is ideal for puppet scenes for amusement purposes during birthday parties or other social parties as well as in schools, daycare, and kindergarten.

The puppet can slip comfortably into children’s hands where they can effortlessly manipulate the movement of the mouth and create various facial expressions like an actual dinosaur.

Thus, children can have lots of excitement in their splendid, dinosaur world.

The puppet is made of soft rubber material which is safe and long-lasting and easy to maintain and clean.


  • Educational and amusing
  • Easy to control hands for making realistic facial expressions
  • Non-toxic and long-lasting material
  • Wonderful gift option

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8. Folkmanis t-rex hand puppet

Folkmanis t-rex hand puppet

The Folkmanis t-rex hand puppet is perfect for interactive stage and puppet drama, imaginative story-telling, role-playing, pretend play, parties, and games.

The toy also makes an ideal gift that is sure to amuse any children. The puppet is perfect for kids above three years.

The puppet is uniquely and innovatively designed using high-quality materials. The toy has remarkable details that give a realistic look.

The material is highly durable, soft, and flexible that can easily stretch without losing its shape even after constant use.

The toy is effortless to maintain and clean.

The size of the puppet fits correctly on children’s hands.

It is safe to use and can slip conveniently on children’s hands to quickly animate the sharp teeth and open or close the mouth of this interactive and fascinating puppet.


  • High-quality material
  • Realistic details
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comfortably fits on children’s hands
  • An ideal gift choice

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9. JoyJon Dinosaur Hand Puppets

JoyJon Dinosaur Hand Puppets

These set of two hand puppets is a suitable gift choice for any dinosaur fans during birthdays and Christmas.

The toys serve as educational toys where children can learn and gain knowledge about the various species of dinosaurs and study their behaviors, which can be motivating as it stirs the interest and curiosity of the little ones.

These fascinating toys are soft and made of non-noxious and long-lasting rubber materials. It is meticulously hand-painted with realistic details and features to give out a life-like structure.

The puppets can comfortably slip into a child’s hand and can be easily controlled through the fingers to open or close the mouth.

Children can use the toy to play indoors or outdoors, which includes patios, lawns, living rooms, preschools, day-care, or anyplace.


  • Non-toxic rubber material
  • Comfortably slips into children’s hands
  • Easy to control the puppet’s mouth
  • Educational toy
  • Suitable gift choice for dinosaur’s fans

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10. Aurora Dinosaur Puppets

Aurora Dinosaur Puppets

The Aurora dinosaur puppets are well designed and made of quality plush material. It is soft and retains its original shape even after continued use.

It enables the hand for easy control of facial expressions during puppet shows. The plush material is washable, and you can effortlessly clean and rinse the cute and cuddly toy.

The set includes the Velociraptor, the Pteranodon, and the T-Rex (12.6 x 8.9 x 6.6 inches) which can perfectly fit children’s hands and flexible enough to fit on adult’s hands.

The realistic toys make an ideal gift for your child, which can be used for amusement and learning purposes in birthday parties, schools, pre-school, day-care, role-playing, etc.

Your child is guaranteed to have tons of excitement and fun playing with these cute toys.


  • High-quality plush material
  • Well-designed with realistic details
  • Fun and educational
  • Easily fit both children and adult’s hands
  • Easy control of hands for creating various facial expressions
  • Effortless to maintain

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Dinosaur puppet F.A.Q

Q: Can dinosaur puppet be used in water?
A: Most of the plastic and rubber dinosaur puppet can be used in water. Nevertheless, to be on the safer side, check the instructions and guidelines that come with the toys before you rinse them with water.

Q: Are these puppets for children only or can adults also play with them?
A: Both kids and adults can play with them. Except for some few ones, most of these toys are big enough to fit an adult’s hand.

Q: Are dinosaur puppets safe for babies?
A: Some are, but not all of the dinosaur puppets are safe for babies and toddlers. Some of the toys have small parts such as the eyes, which can pose a risk of choking hazard. Adult supervision is advisable. We don’t recommend puppets for any children below three years old.

Q: Who sells dinosaur hand puppet?
A: While you can buy them at several toy shops in your area, I prefer buying them on Amazon. Amazon offers a vast selection of dinosaur puppets with different designs and colors at an extremely reasonable price. You can see them here.


So that is all you need to know about the best dinosaur puppet available on the market. These are my recommended list of the top ten dinosaur puppet reviews, and with any luck, you find this article useful.

If at all you have any issues and doubts about any of the dino puppet I reviewed above, you can make use of the comment section below, and I will respond immediately.

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